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Colombia Import Data from ImportGenius

Official customs records of all shipments, importers, and shippers into Colombia . Get full visibility into Colombia Import Data with ImportGenius.

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836k total companies, 173M total shipment records

Available Colombia Import Data on ImportGenius

Arrival Date
The date the shipment arrives within the Customs territory of the country. You can use this to monitor when goods arrive or if the trader you're interested in is punctual with their shipments.
Cost, Insurance, Freight: The combined cost of the Freight on Board, Transportation, and Insurance. Use this to gauge the total cost of transportation for both you and your competitors' shipments.
Names and address of the business that received the shipment. You can use consignee information to prospect new leads, discover competitors, understand local markets.
Country of Origin
Country of origin information can be used to estimate things like taxes, tariffs and duties. Use this to see if your competitors are benefitting from special trade arrangements with certain governments
HS Code
An internationally recognized system for classifying import and export commodities, usually used for tariff regulation. You can also use HS Codes for trade statistics and economic research.
Number of Packages
The quantity of packages involved in the shipment.
Product Description
Declared contents of the shipment. Use this together with ImportGenius aggregation tools to find key importers and supplier of specific products you are interested in
The company exporting the shipment. Use this to identify new potential suppliers or to verify the history of suppliers you are interested in
Transportation Type
The method of transport used for shipping goods. Use this to determine how each shipment arrives to its destination.

More available data

  • Attributes
  • Bill of Lading
  • Brand ID
  • Brand Quantity
  • Consignee Address
  • Consignee Phone
  • Control ID
  • Country of Departure
  • Customs
  • Destination Country
  • FOB (USD)
  • Freight (USD)
  • Gross Weight (KG)
  • Importer ID
  • Incoterms
  • Insurance (USD)
  • Operation Type
  • Pay Type
  • Quantity
  • Shipper Address
  • Shipper City
  • Shipper Country
  • Total CIF (USD)
  • Total FOB (USD)
  • Transportation Company
  • Unit
  • Variety
  • View

Instant access to shipment records

Through the ImportGenius online shipment database, you can quickly and easily discover new information on your trading partners and your competitors. Search and browse through all the data fields listed above and more.

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Analyze Colombia Trade Data with ImportGenius

Businesses find new opportunities using Import Data. Use ImportGenius Trade data to find new leads, track down competitors, research overseas suppliers, understand your market, and more.

ImportGenius has been making this data available at your fingertips since 2008. Over the past decade, we've received hundreds of millions of shipment records from over 8 million businesses in 18 countries.

Our team of trade specialists will gladly assist your business in finding new opportunities using our data.

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Analyze your competitors

Would you like to know where your competitors source their products? Our databases of shipping manifests reveal suppliers, product volumes, and industry trends for importers, exporters, and distribution companies in Colombia .

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Verify your suppliers

Importing from overseas comes with a lot of risks. Your suppliers can be unreliable, dishonest, or even fabricated. Use ImportGenius to examine the history of your current and potential suppliers and save yourself from problems down the road.

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Find more leads

If you sell products or services to importers or exporters in Colombia , you can find more prospects by looking at companies that have imported similar products in the past. Look at your competitors' clients to see opportunities on who you could target. You can even narrow your search per market to find new opportunities.

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